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About Flagstaff Bikes

We believe in the importance of repairing built to last bicycles. Many Bikes have been built with the intention to last over one hundred years, and taking the time to repair them is a value of ours. Not only does this give the bike a second life, but it keeps bicycles out of the landfills. 

We believe in our clients! At Flagstaff Bikes, we understand that every client is different and has different needs. It is important to us that our clients find the bicycle they love. If you're not happy, we aren't happy! 

About Adam
Adam is passionate about People, Bikes, and the Community. He has been working on bikes ever since he arrived in Flagstaff in 2005 when he began his education at NAU. Seeing the popularity of bicycles in Flagstaff, it only seemed natural to him to start up a small Bicycle Business that was all about the People! 
Adam Shimoni (Owner of Flagstaff Bikes) standing with some of his inventory
Our Vision
We believe in getting People on Bikes! And what a better town for that than Flagstaff! As the population of Flagstaff continues to increase, streets will only continue to be congested with vehicles. We hope to offer the People of Flagstaff an honest, affordable alternative that is good for the individual, the town, and the environment. We revitalize well-built bikes from the 1920's to 2020's that were created with quality and the intention to last. By restoring these pieces of machinery, we hope to both contribute to a healthier lifestyle for individuals while decreasing our environmental impact. 
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